Sinning Is Winning

from by JustMakeMeCry



Xanax is my favorite candy,
Crush it all and serve it up.
Promised my mom I wouldn't crack,
I guess I just broke another one.

I'm so high I'm so dry,
Let me dance to some Mac DeMarco.
All will be well all will be swell,
But I'll be so fucked up tomorrow.

Everyday is Sunday when you're feeling sad.
Everyday is Sunday when you're feeling bad.
Keep them coming cause i aint going,
Everyday is Sunday when you're feeling rad.

Everclear is my favorite drink,
Poor me a shot and we'll all drop.
Promised my father I'd give it up,
I guess after this i won't stop.

I'm so drunk im so sunk,
Let me sulk to some slowdive.
I'm not so well but all is swell,
Cause i feel so alive.


Its so rad
Its so bad
Im so sad


from Don't You Keep Me Waiting, released August 6, 2017



all rights reserved


JustMakeMeCry California

Non-Critically acclaimed singer songwriter. <3

(Formerly known as FTFWTO)

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