by JustMakeMeCry



"I haven't been this excited about music since they invented the MP3 Player" - Guk McSkruk


released May 23, 2017

Written, performed, and produced by Dairrien Call

Thanks to my bff Eric for some sicc guitar tracks on Funeral ❤❤❤



all rights reserved


JustMakeMeCry California

Non-Critically acclaimed singer songwriter. <3

(Formerly known as FTFWTO)

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Track Name: This Means Well
Leave heart shaped bruises on my body,
And take me for your own.
Complete me in ways that could kill me,
Please make me feel less alone.

Trace the marks up and down my arms,
Tell me you'll always keep me this way,
Keep me close to your chest,
And help me feel less afraid.

Is this how love should be?
Is this how i should be?
Is this what love should be?
How do I find me, find me again?
Track Name: Knock On The Door
Theres a ghost inside my bedroom,
He keeps asking if I love myself.
I thought for a good minute,
Yet no words came out of my mouth.

There's a voice inside my head,
And it keeps telling me to get the fuck up.
But I don't have the energy,
I just wanna sleep this one off.

There's a light inside my closet,
That keeps going on and off.
Something might be in there,
But of course i could be wrong.

A small angel spoke to me,
At around three o'clock in the morning.
It said to deal with all my problems,
Instead of always ignoring them.

I ruined my favourite shirt,
Cause of all of this bullshit.
I ruined my favourite shirt,
Cause I never listened to them.
(I guess I'll just get used to it)
Track Name: The Less You Know, The Better You'll Feel
These nights started lacking dreams,
And scars pulled apart at the seams.
What do you say when the time is all gone,
And you can't even afford a God.

Mostly untapped potential,
Wasted on a broken vessel.
Grind your teeth in your sleep,
I'll break my jaw to solve the puzzle.

Wet with blood please don't wake up,
I've fucked myself it's just not enough.
To get it right dont leave me tonight,
You know I like it rough.

Intimacy much like a dumpster fire,
It's so vile but something to admire.
Making blood red feel so cool,
I wouldn't have guessed that you're a liar.

Scarred with angel kisses,
Praying someone will listen.
I caved in I'm just another sin,
Sitting here waiting to happen.
Track Name: You, And Only You
I've heard of girls like you,
Always romanticizing the abuse.
Do you know how it feels,
Or do you just want to be used?

Continue to waste away,
Lose everything that you are.
Cause he won't let you go,
When he gets you into his car.

Isn't this what you've always wanted?
He'll share his suffering with you.

I've heard of boys like you,
Thinking that her blood is cute.
You'd love it if it stained your shirt,
And she'll stick to you like glue.

You both can waste away,
Lose everything that you have.
I promise he'll let you go,
Cause God is not your helping hand.

Isn't this what you've always wanted?
They'll share their suffering with you.
Track Name: Liberated
Oh i promise if it feels good then its okay,
We can sit back and pop oxys every single day.
Then after the come down we can go and fuck,
We can fight withdrawals and start throwing up.

I've got a full bag of molly if you want a tab,
We can fingerfuck each other when we feel bad
Pour a myriad of drinks to renumb ourselves,
And we won't admit that this is a living hell.

I feel like a goddamn angel,
Won't you please touch me some more.
I feel like I'm losing feeling,
Won't you treat me like I'm yours?
Track Name: Something Nice
This has to be the most fucked up thing,
That I've heard in a long long time.
She said it feels good giving head,
While she's tied up and made blind.

She said she'd love to find nice boy,
Who could slap her around when he wants to.
Obsessing over murderers and mass shootings,
I'm not sure what I should do.

I'm not feeling too good,
I'm not feeling too good about any of this.
I'm not feeling too good,
I'm not feeling any of this at all.

She said to point a gun to her head,
And tell her that I'd leave her for dead,
But I've got a sick fucking feeling,
Deep down in my stomach.

She asked if I could treat her like,
If we had just gotten into a big fight,
And fuck her until she stopped,
Kicking and screaming all night.

I'm not feeling too good,
I'm not feeling too good about any of this.
Oh I should've stayed in church,
This is something I'd rather miss.
Track Name: I Do This To Myself
Feeling awful is what I do best,
Sucked the oxygen from my chest.
In the meantime I'll get dressed,
It'll hide that I'm such a mess.

Hard pressed for an honest answer,
I'll be honest I want cancer.
To eat away at my fragile body,
And it'll keep my blood from clotting.

You're so permanent.
We're not gone at least not yet

Great let's start another chapter,
Or let's begin another novel rather.
I just want to feel like I'm real,
Make my emotions tangible.

Hard pressed for a modest life,
I'll be honest I'm never right.
I'm sure that this'll keep me high,
And there will be nothing left to hide.

You're so permanent.
We'll be gone but not yet.
Track Name: Funeral
I wish I could be more level headed,
But thats just not who I am.
Every morning I feel so damn sick,
And I can barely stand.

This could make the pain go away,
At least until the day is done.
I have a feeling that this should be this way,
Especially when you're only twenty-one.

What a dream,
Oh how unfair.
I can't breathe,
I don't care.

I have a deep admiration,
For things that hurt me.
And I keep falling in love,
With things I can't keep.

Help me struggle even more,
Is it overrated to cry?
Promise me another excuse,
And I'll promise I'll stay alive.
Track Name: ILY2
You still dont know what you are,
And you never will.
You still keep taking pictures,
But you will always run out of film.

Striving for something more,
Something much more permanent.
You don't care if it leaves scars,
At least you can't get rid of it.

Even when you want to.

You still don't know who you are,
And I don't think you ever will.
You'll keep taking what isn't yours,
And live where others have built.

Is the feeling more than enough,
To get you by?
Cause what ever will you do,
When you he can't get you high?

Oh I will sign off for a little bit,
But I won't kiss you goodbye.
Even when I want to
Track Name: It's Not Serious
Shallow Shallow,
Is this what you want to do?
Swallow Swallow,
Is this how it feels to be used?

I could drink so much,
Until I throw up and feel brand new.
I could drink so much,
Until i throw up until i give up on you.

Will I grow up into someone new?
Well I'll grow up I dont know about you.
Well I'll throw up and ill give up on you.