This Past Year Sucked, But I Have A Feeling That The New Year Will Be Alright.

by JustMakeMeCry

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Kevin Randall
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Kevin Randall What a great surprise of an album. Definitely needs more coverage! Favorite track: Limitless.


This album is as eclectic as it gets: Dreampop, Alt Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Hip Hop, and Emo. All in one bedroom produced album.

This is what Dweebpop sounds like. <3


released February 10, 2017

Dairrien Call - Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Lyrics
Eric Heile - Guitar, Bass, and Ambience
Jordan O'Brien - Vocals and Lyrics (Send Me Back Three Years Ago)

Produced in the Dweebpop Dungeon



all rights reserved


JustMakeMeCry California

Non-Critically acclaimed singer songwriter. <3

(Formerly known as FTFWTO)

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Track Name: Percocet Makes Me Really Sick
Disassociated and disoriented,
I shouldn't have stayed up so late.
The doctor said if I take two of these,
The pain should go away.

But I'm just a bit afraid,
Of what might happen next.
The aches and pains keep me up,
This is something that I can't fix.

I'll take more,
I'll take more than I need.
I'll take more,
I don't care if my body leaves.

Oh i can feel that Something's not right,
My hands feel so goddamn tight.
I thought I ripped out all the nerves,
But the muscles might be severed.

I'm losing strength in my legs,
But that might be from the blood stains.
On the floor from the wounds,
I got from never leaving this room.
Track Name: I Don't Care, So Fucking Sue Me
Set me up another line,
Cause I wanna be so fucking high.
Just get what you can find,
Before I lose my mind.

I hope she doesn't call again,
Cause I don't want to have to pretend.
That I'm worried where she's been,
Oh frankly the truth is.

I don't care,
Go ahead and fucking hate me.
She could be worse for wear,
But I can't even see clearly.

Pack me up another bowl,
Cause I wanna be out of my fucking skull.
Goddammit I'm getting so fucking cold,
This isn't how this should be at 21 years old.

I really hope she doesn't call again,
Cause its tiring to always have to pretend.
To care about where they've been,
But frankly the truth is.

I don't care,
Go ahead and fucking hate me.
She could be worse for wear,
But I can't even see clearly.
Track Name: I'm Really Scared I'll Miss Out This Summer
Look at me I pussed out,
Look at me I'm running away,
From all my problems oh I can't solve them,
At least not today.

Look at me I pushed out,
All of the toxic things that stay.
Buried deep inside of my veins,
Too bad you can't do the same.

I'm lying I'm on so much Oxy.

Look at me I'm fucked up,
From my hips down to my feet.
Oh I can't stand up for the life of me,
Its fine I promise its easy.

Look at me I'm messed up,
From every word that you're telling me,
Do you really think this is a good time,
To say that you don't love me.

I promise I can take it believe me.
Track Name: Lost Colonial Treasures Buried In My Backyard
God works in mysterious ways,
Is all I can remember from what you said.
Though I wish that he'd give me break,
I'm just glad I can sleep in my own bed.

And when I can't fall asleep at night,
I can not tell you how hard I try.
To keep everything balanced,
So I don't lose my mind.

Last time I checked Im not planning a funeral.
Last time I checked I'm not awake at all.
Track Name: Send Me Back Three Years Ago, Let Me Tell Myself What I Should've Known So Much Earlier. (Ft. Jordan O'Brien)
I want to be in love again,
I want a lover I want a friend.
I need to be loved again,
Someone to be here until the end.

I miss the intimacy,
The way she would look at me.
But I know the drugs are working,
Cause my mind has stopped racing.

This time last year,
I was caught up in loving her.
All she is now is just a cluster of words,
That I can't deliver.

(Take me back three years ago to when I was still happy
Take me back to a simpler time where I was still laughing,
Three years ago I thought I had it all figured out
Had a great life and there was no doubt
On what I had to do to succeed, just be me
I could live without,
All the negativity that was going on,
All the stuff that forced me to move on
I loved a girl but now she is gone,
I still miss her but I can't...
I can't get it out, all I can do is scream and shout, just cry and pout,
But you know what?
I'm gonna put this brake to the ground
Cuz I am done driving this route
And you know what? I want to be loved again,
I'm in need of a friend that is there until the end
So if they are out there I am calling them for help
And I pray that they help me get back into health
I'm feeling down,
Don't want to make a sound
Don't want to be around... anyone

I rap because I want to make sure you can hear,
We may be the saddest kids that you know
But I want to make it clear that we are here to spread cheer, so to my friends I want to say cheers!
We've made it, At least with ourselves,
Just three good friends on our way,
I'm just so thankful for the friendships that we've made, yeah)

I miss the intimacy,
The way she would hold me.
But I know the drugs are working,
Cause my body has stopped hurting.

This time last year,
I was tangled up inside of her.
But all she is now.
Is bits and pieces of fragmented words

That I can't get out of my head.
Track Name: Limitless
The last time we talked I was stuck in a hospital bed,
I'm just stating facts I promise I'm not high I'm taking my meds.
But I'd like to offer a few criticisms if I may,
Next time you want to break my heart I'd prefer you to wait.

I never needed an apology I was doing just fine,
Stewing in all the negativity and regretting the razor lines.
But I know you were worried I promise it's all okay.
Next time I get trashed I'll try not to slander your name.

It's so riveting Isn't it?
This pain is limitless

I'm sorry if you feel sorry but I won't be sticking around,
I have things I need to do like fucking leaving this town.
But I'm sure you'd like to see me again some day,
I'll be sure to invite you to my funeral when my mind is blown away.

It's so riveting Isn't it?
This pain is limitless

The last time we spoke I was stuck In a hospital bed,
Dreaming of the day where my nerves weren't dead.
But I should've known better than to think you would stay,
I promise its the drugs I don't usually act this way.

It's so riveting Isn't it?
This pain is limitless
Track Name: Count Your Lucky Stars, Babe
Can I assess this situation?
Before I fall face down on the floor.
And when I take enough of these pills,
I might need you to get some more.

I'm bringing out the worst I've got,
Give me another needle I'm shot.
I need more than this can offer,
Is this the best that you got?

Can I take another breather?
Before my feet leave the floor?
And when the knots are tight enough,
You can always turn this into another war.

You're bringing out the best you've got,
Give me another dose and then I'll drop.
The blood on the canvas for you,
Just shoot me with everything you've got.

This must be a dream,
This must be a dream.
Cause you're right next to me.

This must be a dream,
This must be a dream,
Cause you still love me.
Track Name: Let's Start Again
Let's be young again,
Let's be happy again.
Back when we were still,
Such close friends.

Let's be young again,
Let's be close again.
Like we were when we had,
Our feet buried in the sand.

Let's be kind again,
Let's love again.
Like we used to when you'd call,
And I'd sing songs before bed.

Let's start again.
Let's start again.
Track Name: This Past Year Really Sucked
I know voice may not be as sweet,
As the alcohol that you may be drinking.
But I swear it'll be the last time,
That you hear it when you cry.

You treated me like I was something special,
That you couldn't find anywhere else.
But soon the shine began to wear off,
And you got of bored of me just as well.

Please get out of my head,
Its not fair this should be you instead.
Why do you keep haunting my dreams,
It would be better if you'd just leave. (Me alone)
Track Name: Barely Awake
I've spent years trying to figuring out,
Exactly what I needed.
To keep my head on straight,
But I always come out bloodied and defeated.

Though I'm still drying this out,
The blood will stain and drench my clothes,
But the rain will clean it all out,
Just let me stay in the road.

So I'll stay awake till 4 in the morning,
And try to keep my eyes open.
While behind the wheel of a compact car,
Driving as fast as I can to forget who you are.

I'm trying so goddamn hard

And if I crash into a ditch,
Or into a redwood tree.
I could say I died for a damn good reason,
Shot through the windshield into the streets.

(Just so I can finally get some fucking sleep)
Track Name: Sometimes I Sleep Too Much
Sometimes I fall asleep with my glasses on,
If I pass out at your house could you take them off?
Sometimes I can't find the words the right words to say,
But if you feel sad I can try to make the feeling go away.

I could be the one to,
Tell you I love you.
I could be the one to,
Tell you I need you.

I could be the one to,
Tell you I need you.
I could be the one to,
Tell you I want you.

Sometimes when I feel sick I just have to leave,
If I start crying again will you hold onto me?
Sometimes I can tell that this makes you uncomfortable,
But if you don't want to talk you don't have to at all.

Could you be the one to,
Tell me I love you?
Could you be the one to,
Tell me I need you?

Could you be the one to,
Tell me I need you?
Could you be the one to,
Tell me I want you?
Track Name: Class of Countless Sleepless Nights
The older we get the more we think we know,
We'll wish that we listened to our parents more.
But I know that some day we'll get it right,
Even if it takes us countless sleepless nights.

But If i think I know me,
I'll be having more than just a couple of drinks.
But I can guarantee that we'll never be alone,
This place will always be our home.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared,
About where we'll be going from here.
Most of us will end up married some day,
With children that'll be in our exact same place.

I can guarantee I won't get any sleep,
Until I'm able to figure out my twenties.
But I'm just happy I can be right here,
With my friends that share the exact same fears.
(There will be so many tears)

The older they get the more they think they know,
We'll wish our kids listened more.
But I know that some day they'll get it right,
Even if it takes them countless sleepless nights.

But I know they'll be just like me,
They'll be having more than just a couple of drinks.
But I can guarantee they'll never be alone,
This place will always be their home.