This Could Be It For Us

by JustMakeMeCry



First album of 2017, and the first album since my surgery. Emotional purging at its finest. <3


released January 20, 2017

Written, Performed, and Produced by Dairrien Call

Big thanks to my bffs Sam and Eric for helping with the creative process of the album. <3

Photo creds: Garrett Coble <3



all rights reserved


JustMakeMeCry California

Non-Critically acclaimed singer songwriter. <3

(Formerly known as FTFWTO)

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Track Name: Ilysvm
My heart is made out of gold,
At least that's what I've been told.
I just hope you don't mind the cracks,
I'm not sure how much more it can hold.

My kisses are sweeter than honey,
Say the ones that stole them from me.
I'm sorry if they don't live up to expectations,
But I want you to know you sure look lovely.

My love is stronger than whiskey,
Cause so many got so hooked on me.
I won't lie i hope you do the same,
I promise you'll never feel lonely.

My heart is made out of gold,
At least thats what I've been told.
It could really use some fixing up,
Would you love me even if I grow old?

I love you, lets go home.
Track Name: Desolate
The other day I saw the face of desolation,
And I have to say it wasn't what I expected.
It wasn't the face if death or outward evil,
I saw it deep in the eyes of a spun out girl.

I wish that could've helped you,
I'm sorry that this wasn't enough,
I pray that God may have mercy on your soul,
Oh well.

A little while ago I saw the ruins of damnation,
And I have to say it wasn't what I expected.
It wasn't jagged and cracked or ripped and furled.
It stayed deep in the eyes of a drugged out girl.
Track Name: Noteworthy
We said a million goodbyes,
And still your not satisfied with the other.
I wont make amends,
I'll stick to my defense I'm not your lover.

So if you leave please go,
Its not like I need to know how you're doing.
Because I'm so satisfied,
I don't care if you cry I'm not losing.

My mind for you.

We said a million goodbyes,
More like a million and five after this one.
Cause you keep coming back,
After each panic attack cause you need someone.

I can't make this any better,
Even when we've severed all our ties.
I'd prefer we never speak again,
Cause you just can't want to be friends.

I'm not yours anymore.
Track Name: Wine and Ativan
This day feels like one long fever dream,
Filled with so much wine and apathy.
Though it feels like you were here.
I'm still lying here lonely.

Maybe some day this will all fade out,
I'll soon know what I'm talking about,
But as late as it is,
There's no way I'm quitting now.

Lord just give me someone,
To dream about tonight.
Lord just give me something,
To make me feel alive

It felt so real but I never left,
Good god I feel so close to death.
Once I pass out,
it won't be for the best.

Cause the day felt like one long fever dream ,
That I drowned in wine and apathy.
though it felt like you were really here,
It was just my mind playing tricks on me.

It feels like it happened,
But I never even left.
Track Name: February of Last Year
I can be your liar if you need me to be,
And I could be your lungs if you can't breathe.
I'd stay by your side every night and day,
And I won't leave this spot if you run away.

I could be the start to another end,
I could be your love when you have no friends.
And everything is fine I can't leave my bed,
I can't chase you down I can't feel my legs.

I need to tell you the truth but you don't want to hear it,
Things will only get worse if you keep calling.
Stop sending me letters I'm not answering,
I can't be your lungs anymore I can't breathe.

You were the only thing that mattered to me,
Which was all my fault cause i couldn't see,
How damaging this all was,
I'm starting to lose my buzz.

Take another shot at me.
Track Name: Good God, You've Lost It
Good god you're so modest,
Even though you're paid to take off your clothes.
You wouldn't let me touch you,
But would you let me if I paid for a show?

Did you think I missed you,
And couldn't stop thinking about your touch?
Think again sweetheart,
Cause even I wouldn't pay that much.

Good god you're so honest,
So why did you have to lie to me?
Is this what you've always wanted,
To show off your skin anyone but me?

Here's to your new career,
And cheers to the new year.
I would say this is a new you,
But you've stayed the same so I feared.

Good god should I feel sorry,
For what you've become?
I wish I could've helped,
But I think the damage was done.

So young and so hopeless,
Is what they'll say when you're coming down.
So eager and easy,
Is what they'll be talking about.
Track Name: Don't You Dare Forget About This
Theres things i won't allow myself to say,
Like how much I wanted to go away.
And disappear when I hit the ground,
Things just got worse when you were around.

Light me up with another prescription,
I don't mind another crippling addiction.
I swear I'm the only one who's so damn sincere,
Some times I wish you were still here.

The only benefit from taking all this abuse,
Was feeling like was in good use.
I don't know if anything will come from this,
The embers of my heart still burn from it.
Track Name: Let's Just Hope That I'm Always Wrong
All I ever needed was them,
All i ever wanted was you.
But you said that I would leave,
I just hoped "someday" would come so soon.

You're still finding solace in pills,
and cleaning your fucking nose.
No one will be around to see you fall apart,
But you'll keep going when he asks you to blow.

And every taste that touches your tongue,
Is another mark to check off another one.
You've had buried deep inside your mouth,
I'm just waiting till you destroy someone.

that's horrible it's deplorable I'm a terrible person
Track Name: Love Letters Aren't As Hip As They Used To Be
It would be nice if you killed the lights,
I'm not going to sleep tonight.
Once the numbness goes away.
Then I can dump this all down the drain.

Thank you so much for playing the victim,
I won't need you to tell me how much you love him.
And all the space you took up in my head,
Will be wiped clean with the excess.

I'm cutting you off so don't call back,
I'm cutting you off so don't come back.
I'm killing this off so I don't crack,
You're just one less panic attack.

Oh I'm snowed out of my fucking mind,
But I can hold onto what I'm feeling inside.
With all the bitterness and sour grapes,
What I don't have is what you'll take.

Oh I still can't fall asleep,
With all these goddamn needles stabbing me.
I can pretend that it's okay,
But i sure as hell wont ask you to stay.
Track Name: There's No Compass That Can Lead Me To Where I Need To Go
Can we get some alcohol,
Maybe some lime and a bit of salt.
So I can drink this night away,
And I won't feel like its all my fault.

And if I get too drunk to stand,
Would you please hold hand?
If I cry on your shoulder,
I just hope you understand.

That this hurts more than I thought it would,
That this hurts more than I thought it would.
And If I could stop this you know that I would.
This hurt worse than I thought it would.

Could we get some marijuana,
Do some dabs can you bring your bong?
Cause I don't wanna be sober,
When they suddenly decide to call.

And if I fall asleep,
Could you turn my phone off please.
When I finally wake up,
Would hand me something to eat?

Cause this hurts more than I thought it would,
Cause this hurts more than I thought it would.
And if I could stop this you know that I would.
This hurt worse than I thought it would.

(Maybe if I stay up late,
All the pain will go away,
But somehow it just makes things worse.)
Track Name: The Last Time I Talked To You, You Sounded Like A Completely Different Person
What happened to you?
I can't seem to express.
How much you have changed,
But I can sure try my best.

You were so soft and sweet,
So gentle and yielding.
But since you had left,
Its not the same feeling.

It hurts too much to cry,
You're burned right in my eyes.
The body of an angel is now so mangled,
Ripping right through the ties.

True love lies in,
the sweetest of fairy tales.
But there's always a catch,
isn't there?

Its not fair

What happened to you?
Oh i must confess.
This isn't who i remember,
I can't put this to rest.

You we so fucking harsh,
Ripped my heart right in two.
I'd rather you stay gone,
You have no right to choose.

To stay.
You can't stay