Circa '96 ft. FrankJavCee

by JustMakeMeCry



It was an incredible honour, and pleasure, to have this wonder internet guru help me with one of my tracks. Thank u so much, Papa <3


Is it normal that this makes me sad?
That it hurts to see someone hug their dad.
Well I guess its cool cause its not that bad,
Mines dead to me any way.

Is it cool if I open up about all of this?
Its okay I can turn it off with a flick of a switch.
Oh these headaches can be such a bitch,
They'll stop within few days.

Do I have something to do?
No I don't.

Is it cool if I could figure how to be myself?
And the words we tell each other we can both figure out...
Between the lines
I see the signs
Countless times
Don't make me cry
But I want to

Is it normal that my mind is always on something else
And I've been thinking about how to find an easy way out
But I forget
Where I have been
It happens time after again
And I want too

Do I have something to do?
No I don't.

I scraped the fuck out of my knees,
I haven't checked my phone yet im so sorry.
If I missed your call please dont worry,


released June 27, 2017
Instrumentation and Production by JMMC

Vocals and Lyrics by FrankJavCee and JMMC <3



all rights reserved


JustMakeMeCry California

Non-Critically acclaimed singer songwriter. <3

(Formerly known as FTFWTO)

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